Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a U.S. address?
The first thing to do is to sign up for an account on our website. Once your account has been created, you will receive address options for your use that are based in the U.S.
Is the U.S. address a physical address or a P.O. Box?
The addresses we provide our physical addresses staffed by our employees from 9am – 5pm Mondays through Fridays. This process allows for someone to be available to take receipt of your packages personally when they arrive.
Is this service available in all countries?
We provide global services all around the world. The only exceptions are No. Korea, Iran and Sudan. We recommend you check the restrictions on shipping items for your particular country.
How much can I expect to pay to have a package shipped to me?
Our website has a shipping calculator that can provide you with a free quote so you know how much the total cost will be for your package. You will need to know the weight of your package and then enter the zip codes and information for your country. Then choose how you wish to send each package by selecting the shipping method and carrier.
I am uncertain how to fill out a customs form. Can you help?

You will receive e-mail notifications when your package arrives. Once you log in to your account, you will be able to see what package has arrived and then you can fill out the customs form with the provided information. If you have any problems, you can always reach out to our customer service department for further assistance.

Though we can provide you with assistance with the forms, it is your responsibility to fill them out correctly and honestly. If you forgot what the package contains, we can open it with your permission and verify the contents for you. To request this option, use the Special Request option when you log in to your online account.
Can I have packages shipped COD?
Unfortunately, our services to not provide for the option to have packages shipped COD, they must be paid for at the time you order them.
Can I get regular mail sent to my U.S. address?
Yes, you can opt to have us take care of your regular mail including catalogs and magazines. Just go into the settings on your account and select the option to include regular mail. If you do not select this option and we receive regular mail at that address, it will be discarded. You can also sign up for our Fast Mailout for magazines and letters. The mailout fee is $1.00 (one dollar). A notarized 1583 form and 2 (two) copies of IDs are required if you want to receive letters through this option.
Can I add names to my account?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of names you can have on your account. Just add them under the “Other Names” field in your account information. We reserve the right to request form 1583 and copies of IDs for any one listed on the account at any time. The other names on the account MUST be real people with the ability to confirm their identity.
How do I file a claim for a package that was lost?
To check on the status of a package that has been marked as delivered to your assigned address but was not forwarded on to you, you must use the FILE A CLAIM option on the website. PLEASE do not e-mail us regarding lost packages; this must be done through the FILE A CLAIM communication. We will investigate the matter and get back to you promptly.
What happens when you can’t locate my package?
Lost packages are a rare occurrence at Aalc however, we do deal with thousands of packages every week and, as humans, we do make mistakes. If your package is unable to be located, we will provide full reimbursement for the package. It is very important to fill out the value on your customs form and keep your purchase receipt so we can reimburse you for the full value.
I think you made an error regarding my package. How do I handle this?

If you believe your package was handled or processed incorrectly, please use the REPORT MISTAKE option on our website under the SPECIAL REQUEST tab. Do not e-mail customer service as this could delay resolution of your issue. REPORT A MISTAKE is the quickest way to take care of your concerns.

If a mistake is found on our end you will not be charged and we will rectify the problem immediately. Any false reports made to us by the customer will result in a $2 charge to cover the cost of the time to research and investigate the claim.
Are there restrictions on what can be shipped through your service?
Yes, there are restrictions on certain items and the following items cannot be shipped regardless of the carrier used:
  • firearms parts
  • scope
  • gun parts
  • reflex sight
  • red dot sight
  • ammunition

Also any items that are restricted items under, Department of Commerce, US Department of State, US Customs and Border Protection, ITAR, and US Department of Treasury.

  • Pornography
  • Explosive or flammable materials
  • Corrosive materials
  • Plants or animals, living or dead
  • Human remains
  • Any electronics or equipment that requires a ECCN
What are my shipping method choices? Can I use my billing account with a carrier for my shipment through your company?

We offer a variety of shipping methods for our customers to select from. You can use our shipping calculator to estimate the costs. If a particular shipping method is not listed in the calculator, than it is not an option we offer.

We are unable to process shipments through 3rd party accounts at this time.
What are acceptable payment methods?

Payments can be made with Bitcoin, PayPal, wire transfers or credit card (some country restrictions may apply with credit card payments).

Payments should be submitted through our order forms. Simply log in to your account and select ADD DEPOSIT to submit a payment. We prefer that for payments totaling $500 or more, that a wire transfer or Bitcoin be used. The order form will display the available payment types for your transaction.
Does my account have a spending limit?

All accounts have a spending limit. New accounts start off with a low spending limit that will increase as you use our services. However, Bitcoin, wire transfers or direct payments made through our payment partners do not have a spending limit placed on them.

One quick way to increase your spending limit is by completing a USPS form 1583 along with the required 2 (two) forms of ID. Doing so will boost your spending limit by 50%. You can access the form 1583 under your account or on the USPS website.
What is the deposit for?
The deposit option is available for customers who plan to use the service frequently. It allows money to be placed into your account so that each package does not have to be paid for separately by you. The costs will be automatically deducted from your account balance. Deposits and account balance checks can be done by logging in to your account. The options will display for checking balances and making deposits.
What do I do if my account has been placed on security hold? Am I able to use a credit card or PayPal account that is in somebody else’s name?

If you are using a PayPal or credit card, the name on those accounts must match those of the account holder with Aalc. If they are found to not match, your account would require full verification through the submission of the USPS form 1583. This will need to be done for the holder of the payment account as well. A 1583 form must be completed if you choose to have any items processed through the USPS. Any account that is found to have utilized a stolen credit card will be closed immediately.

If we receive a notification of a chargeback from a payment processor and PayPal or 3rd party card was used for the transaction, your account with us will be immediately closed.
What happens if I am a vendor who shipped items to Aalc customer and received a chargeback?

If you are a vendor or a merchant who received a chargeback involving one of our customers, reach out to us immediately. If we determine that a stolen credit card was used, we will arrange to have your items sent back to you without delay. There is a zero tolerance policy within our company regarding credit card theft and fraud and any accounts associated with it are cancelled immediately.

For those merchants who are interested, we offer a program whereby we guarantee all sales if they go directly through our company. We take the risk of accepting international payments and you benefit by increasing profits through international sales. Call us today for more information.


  • I am extremely satisfied with my experience with The service works beautifully. You can choose from warehouses in whatever state works best for you. They have cheap shipping options, are very prompt, and are simple to use. Ordering merchandise to be shipped to Germany is so easy.

    Ucs Poilblan

  • I have used to ship several packages. What I like most is how reliable and efficient this service is. I use to get packages sent to Dubai, and I've never had a problem. They offer lots of shipping options, and I've saved so much money using this service.

    Annina Borghese

  • My packages were sent from the shipping warehouse in California all the way to Sweden in a matter of days. I couldn't be happier! This is an extremely trustworthy company, and their pricing structure can't be beat. Highly recommended. Thank you so much!

    Andrey Golyubev

  • I've used three times to order packages from the United States sent to Canada, and I am blown away by their level of service. They have very low fees, and their airmail shipping gets me my packages in record time. I recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

    Nam Wan-Soo

  • My experience with has always been perfect. I've ordered everything from makeup to sporting gear, and have never had a problem. I especially like how many shipping options they have to Singapore. I get my orders quickly, and without a lot of fuss!

    Sandra Molnar

  • Living as an expat in Uruguay means that I don't generally have the option to order a lot of comforts from home I love. makes it easy and affordable to get the things I need, in a short amount of time, without having to pay a lot. Thank you for your excellent service!

    Dmitriy Bogdanov

  • I use all the time to get things that are either not available in Australia, or cost an arm and a leg to purchase. I can't begin to imagine how much money I've saved using this service. The best part is that it's so easy! I've used them for years, and I'm very happy.

    Sandra Racz

  • Packages ordered through arrive in Poland in almost no time, usually less than the amount of time quoted. Having the option to buy the things I need, at a reasonable cost, is extremely valuable to me and my business. Thank you for the great work.

    Venere Centa

  • is the only USA forwarding service I will use. Options for ordering products in Peru are pretty slim, and with this company I can get whatever I need. Their customer service is top notch, their processing is quick and easy, and I've never once had trouble getting my packages. Thank you!

    Armans Spagnol

  • For years, I've had trouble getting packages shipped to Nepal, but changed all that. I'm a firm believer in customer service, and this company has excelled in that area. My packages arrive quickly, safely, and without any fuss. I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Isabella Callara

  • I have never thought of myself as the kind of person who would be loyal to a company, but has changed my mind. I can finally get the things my family needs, shipped to Liberia at unbeatable prices. With every order, they show me again how trustworthy and professional a good company can be.

    Nikola Farkas

  • Amazing customer service! I recently had a package shipped to Costa Rica, and I was able to talk track my package the whole way. It arrived in perfect condition, a day earlier than expected. I'm really amazed, because their prices are so low! Definitely recommended.

    Artyom Volkov

  • I ordered a package to be sent to Paris, and it only took 3 days to get here. I really expected it to be longer, but moved it from their warehouse through customs without any problems. Their prices are very competitive. I will be using them again.

    Yeo Sung-Keun

  • is the only company I will use to get packages from the US to Cairo. I've used their services several times in just the last year, and every experience was absolutely perfect. Quick shipping, low prices, and their attention to customer service is impressive.

    Didier Gilbert

  • I live in Fiji, which can make ordering things pretty difficult. takes all the guesswork out of getting the things I need. Really impressed by how fast and easy using this service is. I especially love how I can combine multiple packages to save on shipping costs.

    Stephanie Szabo

  • I have never thought of myself as the kind of person who would be loyal to a company, but has changed my mind. I can finally get the things my family needs, shipped to Liberia at unbeatable prices. With every order, they show me again how trustworthy and professional a good company can be.

    Carlotta Mollica

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