Our History

Over the past several years, Aalc has earned a reputation as one of the premier providers of shipping and logistics solutions. Our record speaks for itself. Our customers have come to expect dependable and reliable service from us. We have worked hard to cultivate and establish a resource of network carriers that allow us to offer our customers low rates and access to some of the biggest names in the shipping business.

In addition to logistics solution services, Aalc also offers personal mail services to our clients. We are constantly working on new ideas and easier solutions to the issues that clients face.

It is a known fact that logistics management is one of the biggest expenditures businesses face. Not only can it be expensive, it also consumes a lot of man hours.

Aalc has assisted many companies by streamlining operations and increasing their overall profits. As an industry leader, we are confident that you will not find anyone who accomplishes these things faster than Aalc. Our reputation depends on us delivering on our promises.

We work along with your existing staff and act as an extensive of your business. Your interests are always a top priority and we work to ensure your needs and interests are met and protected. We work in such a way that we take your current policies and procedures and use them to develop solutions that work for your specific needs and business concerns.

We handle the day to day tasks that not only eat up valuable man hours, but also result in high costs to your company.

Businesses that choose us to handle their shipping and mailing tasks find that not only are they saving huge amounts of time that can be better spent on more pressing matters, but they inevitably wind up saving money in the process.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer. We understand the need for flexibility, which is why we allow each of these services to be customized to fit the needs of all of our customers.

  • Consumer Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Business Fulfillment

Below are just some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • U.S. phone numbers and service
  • Storage facilities
  • Data forwarding
  • Personal Assistant
  • Logistics Support
  • Personal Shopper Services
  • Exceptional customer service in a variety of languages is available (French, Arabic, Russian)
  • Real time online communications

Aalc is very selective when hiring employees to join our team. We look for candidates who understand the importance of great customer relations and the necessity of providing unequalled service to our clients.

Our employees are trained in privacy and confidentiality protocols and are aware that they are a priority in our business. We take care to ensure measures are taken to secure the privacy of our clients and use the latest technology and software to secure their information.

No company is successful without the help of their employees. Our employees are provided with the ongoing training in the latest methods and technology that affects our business. They are all screened via background checks and we thoroughly review their work history and qualifications to ensure their work ethics match our own. We are nothing without our team and they are our biggest asset.

Our business philosophy is that we are nothing without our customers. If we do not provide for our customers and ensure their success, then we cannot be successful. You will discover that this belief is what has made us a premier company within our industry. We believe that you will not find any other company who will work as hard for you as we do.

A large percentage of our customers consist of well-traveled individuals who find that our services allow them maintain their current schedules and lifestyles as we handle all the mundane tasks like mail and package deliveries. They can continue to travel without worrying about correspondence and packages being missed or sitting waiting for their return home.

Both business and personal customers can take advantage of our 24 hour online account access. No matter where you are or what time zone you are in, you can access your information easily and at your convenience.

We encourage you to give us a call and check out our services for yourself. You will find that you will not be disappointed in your decision to do so.

We would love the opportunity to show you how we can save you time and money and simplify your life. It’s what we do after all.


  • I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Socketti.com. The service works beautifully. You can choose from warehouses in whatever state works best for you. They have cheap shipping options, are very prompt, and are simple to use. Ordering merchandise to be shipped to Germany is so easy.

    Ucs Poilblan

  • I have used Socketti.com to ship several packages. What I like most is how reliable and efficient this service is. I use Socketti.com to get packages sent to Dubai, and I've never had a problem. They offer lots of shipping options, and I've saved so much money using this service.

    Annina Borghese

  • My packages were sent from the shipping warehouse in California all the way to Sweden in a matter of days. I couldn't be happier! This is an extremely trustworthy company, and their pricing structure can't be beat. Highly recommended. Thank you so much!

    Andrey Golyubev

  • I've used Socketti.com three times to order packages from the United States sent to Canada, and I am blown away by their level of service. They have very low fees, and their airmail shipping gets me my packages in record time. I recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

    Nam Wan-Soo

  • My experience with Socketti.com has always been perfect. I've ordered everything from makeup to sporting gear, and have never had a problem. I especially like how many shipping options they have to Singapore. I get my orders quickly, and without a lot of fuss!

    Sandra Molnar

  • Living as an expat in Uruguay means that I don't generally have the option to order a lot of comforts from home I love. Socketti.com makes it easy and affordable to get the things I need, in a short amount of time, without having to pay a lot. Thank you for your excellent service!

    Dmitriy Bogdanov

  • I use Socketti.com all the time to get things that are either not available in Australia, or cost an arm and a leg to purchase. I can't begin to imagine how much money I've saved using this service. The best part is that it's so easy! I've used them for years, and I'm very happy.

    Sandra Racz

  • Packages ordered through Socketti.com arrive in Poland in almost no time, usually less than the amount of time quoted. Having the option to buy the things I need, at a reasonable cost, is extremely valuable to me and my business. Thank you for the great work.

    Venere Centa

  • Socketti.com is the only USA forwarding service I will use. Options for ordering products in Peru are pretty slim, and with this company I can get whatever I need. Their customer service is top notch, their processing is quick and easy, and I've never once had trouble getting my packages. Thank you!

    Armans Spagnol

  • For years, I've had trouble getting packages shipped to Nepal, but Socketti.com changed all that. I'm a firm believer in customer service, and this company has excelled in that area. My packages arrive quickly, safely, and without any fuss. I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Isabella Callara

  • I have never thought of myself as the kind of person who would be loyal to a company, but Socketti.com has changed my mind. I can finally get the things my family needs, shipped to Liberia at unbeatable prices. With every order, they show me again how trustworthy and professional a good company can be.

    Nikola Farkas

  • Amazing customer service! I recently had a package shipped to Costa Rica, and I was able to talk track my package the whole way. It arrived in perfect condition, a day earlier than expected. I'm really amazed, because their prices are so low! Definitely recommended.

    Artyom Volkov

  • I ordered a package to be sent to Paris, and it only took 3 days to get here. I really expected it to be longer, but Socketti.com moved it from their warehouse through customs without any problems. Their prices are very competitive. I will be using them again.

    Yeo Sung-Keun

  • Socketti.com is the only company I will use to get packages from the US to Cairo. I've used their services several times in just the last year, and every experience was absolutely perfect. Quick shipping, low prices, and their attention to customer service is impressive.

    Didier Gilbert

  • I live in Fiji, which can make ordering things pretty difficult. Socketti.com takes all the guesswork out of getting the things I need. Really impressed by how fast and easy using this service is. I especially love how I can combine multiple packages to save on shipping costs.

    Stephanie Szabo

  • I have never thought of myself as the kind of person who would be loyal to a company, but Socketti.com has changed my mind. I can finally get the things my family needs, shipped to Liberia at unbeatable prices. With every order, they show me again how trustworthy and professional a good company can be.

    Carlotta Mollica

Customer Support

Customer service is no joke at Aalc. We believe our customers’ success is our success and our representatives work to ensure your complete satisfaction. For support issues or questions, please email us info@socketti.com or call us
(800) 980-4407.


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